Will I receive confirmation of my booking?2020-11-11T21:32:29+00:00

Yes. We aim to respond to all enquiries made via the website or by email within one hour. We may contact you by phone, so we can discuss timings and travel arrangements. All bookings will receive either a confirmation email with a unique booking reference number or text message.

What will happen if my connecting flight or train is delayed – will you still meet me?2020-11-11T21:32:41+00:00

Yes. One of our chauffeurs will be there to meet you in spite of any delays.

We monitor flight arrivals and use real-time road traffic updates, so your chauffeur will be aware of any travel delays. A delay may mean that you have to change your travel arrangements, which we can usually accommodate.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-11-11T21:32:58+00:00

We work on a pre-assigned vehicle and chauffeur basis to guarantee your booking. Once the vehicle is assigned to your booking it is unavailable to be used for any other transfers.

Cancellation charges apply in the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation within 3 hours of collection time – 50%
  • Cancellation within 1 hour of collection time – 100% charge
  • Vehicle has departed for the collection address – 100% charge

Please inform us of any changes to your travel plans as soon possible – because we operate a large fleet we can accommodate changes to travel plans.

What is the difference between an account and card booking?2020-11-11T21:33:10+00:00

We prioritise and offer a guaranteed service to our account clients.

Although we aim to offer a guaranteed service at all times, to all clients, this can sometimes be affected during exceptionally busy periods.

In addition to priority bookings, our account clients enjoy the benefit of settling their account either via monthly invoice or credit / charge card. No surcharge applies for payment by card.

My travel plans have changed – what do I do and what will I be charged?2020-11-11T21:33:21+00:00

Please call our Client Services Team on +44 1707 888 000. This number will be answered 24 hours a day. We will accommodate your changes.

So long as we have not started the journey to collect you and it is an amendment to a booking then no charge will apply.

If the car has already departed for the collection then a minimal charge for time and mileage will apply (based on at what point the vehicle is at before being instructed to stand down).

If the booking is a cancellation then our cancellation policy charges will apply.

My train times have changed, do you check these?2020-11-11T21:33:32+00:00

Unfortunately we only monitor flight arrival times. If your train is delayed then please get in touch to let us know your new arrival time. You can amend your booking online or by calling us on +44 1707 888000.

I would like to drive for you, how do I find out more?2020-11-11T21:33:43+00:00

For more information on how to become a driver for Herts Executive, please click here.

I want to make a booking – how can I find out how long my journey time will be?2020-11-11T21:33:54+00:00

We can provide you with an estimated journey time by calling our office.

Our estimation of the journey time will be based on the time of day and route.

As our estimates are a guide only, we cannot accept responsibility for journeys that take longer than expected due to unexpected circumstances.

It is always the client’s choice of collection time when making a booking. We recommend careful consideration, especially when booking airport transfers at busy times of day.

I am visiting from another country and would like to make a booking but I do not have a UK mobile phone.2020-11-11T21:34:05+00:00

We regularly transport international visitors and therefore our systems are set up to accept international numbers.

You can book online or via phone and use your international cell phone to receive the confirmation SMS messages sent as standard to all clients.

How much luggage capacity do your vehicles offer?2020-11-11T21:34:16+00:00

We operate a range of vehicles with varying capacities. For more information on our vehicle types please click here

How much advance notice do I need to give?2020-11-11T21:34:26+00:00

As we work on a vehicle pre-assigned basis, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours’ notice.

If you need an early morning booking then it is advisable that you book it by mid-afternoon the previous day to ensure that your driver is properly rested.

If you do need to book a car at short notice please call our Client Services Team on +44 1707 888000 for assistance.

How early do I need to book my transfer?2020-11-11T21:34:36+00:00

We recommend that you book as early as you can. We can always amend a booking should your plans change.

How do I pay?2020-11-11T21:34:45+00:00

On Account or via card – we accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express.

No surcharge applies for payment by card.

How do I get a receipt for a journey I made using my credit card?2020-11-11T21:34:55+00:00

Card payment receipts are provided via email on payment collection.

Do you provide children’s car seats?2020-11-11T21:35:17+00:00

For health and safety reasons we are unable to supply or fit children’s car seats.

UK law permits children to travel unrestrained in licensed mini-cabs and private hire vehicles: children under 3 can travel with an adult in the back seat without a car seat or seat belt.

Children 3 years or older can travel without a car seat but they must wear an adult seatbelt.

If you wish to supply and fit your own car seat then we are more than happy to accommodate this and to store your children’s car seat safely for your return journey.

Do you have a fixed price policy?2023-02-10T12:20:28+00:00

Yes. Most of our transfers have fixed prices. All prices quoted exclude car parking charges, toll charges, surcharges and VAT.

Do you charge waiting time at airports?2023-02-10T12:20:54+00:00

We track flight times to all major airports to help ensure waiting time is minimised.

We always allow 45 minutes waiting time from when your flight lands.

Any waiting time over the initial 45 minutes will be charged accordingly.

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